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Project origin

This collection comes to life from the amazing project from Doodles and all the derivative collections it has generated. Seeing some of these other projects grow into awesome communities is what has inspired the Muted Apes project. Like a few of these other derivate projects, e.g. Coodles, we would like to offer more people a chance to get in to this part of the NFT space.

As a token of appreciation, we would like to offer all Doodles & Coodles holders a whitelist spot for our pre-sale.


In the initial phase we will focus on setting a foundation for our project. This will mainly consist of starting to build a community base and trying to get the project attention.

  • Create and launch the website
  • Create social media accounts, follow us here: Twitter, Instagram, Discord
  • › Finetune the art making sure all traits are compatible
  • › Generate final collection and meta data

Minting and rewards

The Muted Apes pre-sale is set for the 13th of March at a price of 0.02 ETH. The pre-sale will last for 24 hours before the price goes up to 0.03 ETH for public sale. The collection will be listed on OpenSea at first, before we consider listing on other marketplaces.

For every 10% of the collection that is minted we will give away 1 Coodle NFT to one of our holders. After reveal one of our holders will own an extra special 1/1 Doodle Muted Ape. Whoever holds this Muted Ape at 100% mint will be given 1 Doodle NFT.

In total we will have given 10 Coodles and 1 Doodle to our holders in the Muted Apes community, when our collection has sold out.

Special numbers

We have selected 44 unique numbers between 1 to 4444. These unique numbers come with an extra bonus that will be given to their holder. These bonuses come in addition to our minting rewards. The Muted Apes NFT Collection will be randomly generated so that it will not be possible to predict a number at mint. Join our Discord to see the full list of bonuses.

We will be keeping 44 Muted Ape NFTs within the project. These will be used as assets in different types of marketing to increase the value of the collection for our holders. These 44 NFTs will be randomly generated as part of the main collection.

Rarity tools

Rarity is one of the more important factors in determining the value of an individual NFT. When we have launched we will decide on the best tools for ranking our collectible NFTs by rarity.

Charity support

If the collection sells out we will pledge to donate a substantial amount to a charitable cause voted forward by our community.

Next steps

Our main goal is to successfully launch our collection and build a quality community around it. We want to invite our community to collaborately explore how we will evolve the Muted Ape brand.

We have more collections planned. We have initiated prototyping a 3D version of the Muted Apes and would also like to create something that is not a derivative. Holders of our Muted Apes will have access to everything we create as we want to create as much value as possible for our community.

About the team

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Artist & Co-Founder

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D3V & Co-Founder

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